How To Take the Perfect Instagram Photo

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How To Take the Perfect Instagram Photo

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People today live on their phones, whether it's playing chatting to friends on WhatsaApp, online gaming through apps like XL-Bet, or trolling those ever popular social media feeds. It seems to be the new way of life and in society today, photos have a language all of their own.

Instagram is the leading social media platform with more than 1.074 billion active users. However, many users struggle to take a perfect Instagram photo that will increase likes or comments. So, today we present a detailed list of the quick but effective steps to make every picture a perfect Instagram photo.

Steps To Take the Perfect Instagram Photo

Natural lighting

It is ideal to go for natural lighting over artificial flashes. Photos can be taken near street lamps or store windows at night, while taking photos outdoors is perfect in daylight. A bad flash can quickly damage the picture quality and decrease the subject's concentration.

Avoiding overexposure

Overexposed photos are a clear no for Instagram. All you need to do is adjust the lighting on the screen by tapping on the brightest part of the frame.

Perfect timing

The sky provides us with a natural filter everyday and it is called the golden hour. Go for the time when the sun is on the horizon, or cloudy shots   during mid-day, etc. Avoid taking photos at the time of direct sunlight.

Balance your image

Always keep note of the composition of shapes, colours, textures, etc while taking a picture. If appropriately done, you can go for the “balance asymmetry” to align the subject at an off-centre position. You can start by turning on the gridlines on the phone camera.

Finalising the viewpoint

Go for fresh perspectives  and photograph from various angles rather than sticking to a single viewpoint in all your shots.

Framing the subject

You can add more visual interest to the photo by leaving the space around the subject as a frame. You should know that picture quality is improved by increasing the view frame angle of the camera..

Adding depth

Try to snap photos with different objects or patterns in the background since this offers natural depth to the shot.  

Wrapping Up

Now, you can increase your social media presence with a long list of followers on Instagram. Try to be creative with the Instagram photos by using a high-quality camera. If you’re looking to earn  an extra income from online sources, taking the prefect photos is most certainly step one in building your brand and increasing your number of followers.

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