How to Turn Online Relationships Into Reality

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How to Turn Online Relationships Into Reality

Today, people get acquainted on the Internet no less often than with the help of mutual friends. But sooner or later, the time to meet in person comes. How to understand that it is time to transform virtual relationships into real ones and what should be the first date? In this case, you should be prepared for some issues.

1. Be Ready for Disappointment

During a first date, virtual interlocutors often seem less attractive to each other than they expected. This was confirmed by a study conducted by psychologists from the University of Illinois. People tend to idealize Russian brides on site. They make assumptions based on the information in the profile. But these data don’t always correspond to reality. But don’t let this prevent you from continuing your acquaintance.

2. Don’t Delay Communication Online

Another sure way to form unrealistic expectations is to communicate too long to get to know each other better. It isn’t uncommon for people to have intimate conversations on the Internet for several months, but in the real world, there is no chemistry between them. It is optimal to transfer a relationship offline in 2-3 weeks after virtual dating. At this point, it becomes clear whether to continue communicating.

3. Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Many people use online dating to find a perfect partner. But they don’t know for sure which of the qualities they list will be attractive when meeting a real person. For example, while a spontaneous acquaintance in public transport or at a party, you won’t measure a person’s height. But in your profile, you write: no less than 180 cm. Understand first which features are really important to you, and which ones don’t really matter.

4. Be Honest

Anonymity on the Internet has the effect of embellishing some details or omitting something.

Tips for Transferring Online Dating Into Real One

It’s time to take everything into your own hands. In order not to seem intrusive and not to scare off a woman, don’t act directly, but use small tricks.

Tip #1. Ask for Help

Moreover, the help you may need can be completely diverse. Focus on her interests, work, skills that you found out from correspondence. For example, she is interested in antiques and you need to choose a present for your friend’s birthday. In general, there is a scope for imagination. The main thing is to be as unconstrained as possible.

Tip #2. Recognition of Her Excellent Taste

For example, say that she has such a stylish purse in the photo and it suites so good to her skirt, but you don’t know even how to choose a shirt at all. Could she give you some advice in the store, because in a few days you are going to a birthday party of a colleague, brother, father, etc? Your chosen one will be pleased and, of course, won’t be able to refuse such an innocent request.

Show your imagination, but don’t be overly persistent. If a woman seems not interested in correspondence at all, it may be worth stopping communication... Appreciate your time and don’t waste your attention on unworthy candidates.

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