How to Use Influencers to Boost Your Product Growth On Instagram

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How to Use Influencers to Boost Your Product Growth On Instagram

Social media influencers are turning into a phenomenon slowly. They have solidified a celebrity-like presence in the virtual world over time. A social media influencer is a person who holds a specific position of popularity on the internet in any field. Social media influencers actively post content on the internet that can influence their followers into making some decisions.

They get both types of attention; positive and negative but the impact of influencers on the common man can not be denied. As a result, these influencers are used by brands and companies to endorse their products and promote their growth. Social media promotion is very effective in modern times and

Here is how you can use influencers to make it even better and boost your brand.

Choosing The Right Influencer

In this age of the internet, there is not a shortage of social media influencers. Whatever field it might be, there are countless social media celebs that you can choose to help your product from. But having so many choices can be a problem in itself. It becomes hard to decide who will offer you the best course of action and get TikTok views.

The most important thing while selecting an influencer is to make sure he/she is related to the category of your brand or product. Having an influencer endorse your product would bring along their audience over. If the audience can already relate to your type of content or brand, they will stay with your brand. Hence, instead of a temporary boost, your brand will achieve a permanent one.

It is also important to choose an influencer with a good reputation. You do not want negative attention to your product and your whole brand. A less controversial figure should be the only choice.

Relevancy is another factor that can make a change. If the influencer your choice is irrelevant with the current wave of the internet, it might not give you the exact results you want.

Paid Promotion

Promotions and endorsements have been a thing for decades. The only thing that has changed is the number of platforms has increased. Like celebrities and other pop culture individuals have been promoting brands and their products on television advertisements, you can get influencers to do just that on social media platforms.

Social media influencers are involved in a lot of advertising deals. It can be a tweet, an Instagram story, an FB post, or a YouTube video; anything that gets your word out in open. It is an easy way of getting a good reach and audience that would provide a big boost for your product. It can either be a one-time deal or more than that. The deals are obviously not free and every influencer has their own prices. But it is arguably the most effective way of getting your product reach out to a bigger audience through social media marketing tools.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs work on basis of commissions. They usually consist of long-term deals with influencers. The influencers have the responsibility of boosting your product and its growth. They get paid on the basis of how much they actually contribute to it.

It makes sure they do not get overpaid and your money doesn't go to waste. Also, it encourages the influencers to actually put full efforts as it would help them earn more. Affiliate programs make for the best results for both parties; the brand and the influencer.

Offers & Discounts

This is a genuine way of getting your product recognition. You can offer a free or discounted preview or trial of your product to an influencer. If they like it they would put out genuine words about your product which would garner good attention a generate a good crowd.

It works better than paid promotions as people would trust it being completely unbiased. Here, you don't have to pay anything to anyone but have to provide your product or your service for free or a reduced price. However, this works great if your product is legitimately good as it saves you money too.

Content Collaboration

Content collaboration is a free and effective way of advertising your name and your product. You can collaborate with like-minded influencers for content common between the two. It would attract their audience towards your product, thus giving you a good extent of boost. An example of this can be YouTubers featuring other YouTubers on their videos occasionally.

They come together; physically or virtually, to create content that leads to their fandoms spreading over to the other one. If can be useful in blogging as well. You can try and get popular writers to write guest articles for your website or blog. It would bring over their audience to your website and make them interested in it. Content collaborations aren't the easiest way, however, as it isn't that easy to find a popular influencer to collab with you for free.


Shoutouts are a very common thing on the internet. A more popular figure would try to get more attention to a lesser-known figure by getting their audience to know of them through different means. Some creators and influencers tweet the account of other similar creators that they like to try and get them more popular.

Or on Instagram, a popular figure can tag a lesser-known figure on their stories or their posts. Facebook tags work the same way too. On YouTube, creators usually mention names of channels and people they like in their videos. They also feature their work at times and credit them as well with a link to their work in their description. Shutouts are simple and usually, a lot of influencers do it for free.

Another way of boosting your presence of a website like Instagram is by buying followers. There are many services that allow you to buy real Instagram followers that are not only legitimate but also completely legal. These followers give your account a boost and make it reach a bigger audience which would result in you getting even more followers and attention.


These were some considerations and ways that you should know and follow to get increase the growth of your product through an influencer. Advertisements have been a part of our whole lives and this is no different.

It is a great way of helping your product grow and you can choose any of the aforementioned ways to get that done. However, they do not work magically and your product will always be the most important factor. Keep working for a better and better product and everything will come together sooner or later.

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