How To Win Stuff Online at

How To Win Stuff Online at

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From the major lottery wins to sweet sweepstakes prizes, we all wonder how we'd fare if we tested our luck like the big-time winners did. Fortunately, with the sweepstakes from, you'll never pay a penny — anything you win will come to you free-of-charge, so why aren't you playing yet?

If you find yourself wondering whether you could ever be a lucky winner, there's never been a better time to start. In this quick-start guide, we'll walk you through all the easy steps the big winners take to enter sweepstakes and claim their prizes. While they may seem incredibly lucky, sweepstakes winners are people, just like you — and you could be next.

The Winning Mindset

When it comes to winning sweepstakes, consistency is key. If you want to win prizes, you have to be consistently entering sweepstakes, but most winners will also tell you that mindset plays a major role.

If you're new to the concept of the Law of Attraction, it's a great idea to do some reading about it. Some of the world's biggest winners and most successful individuals use the Law of Attraction every day to help keep them in a positive mindset and attract positivity into their lives.

To put it simply, the Law of Attraction is all about visualizing the win. Put yourself in your shoes once you get X, Y or Z. Be grateful for how much better your life will be for it and begin expressing your appreciation in your everyday life. Act as if you've won, and wins will start coming your way.

This is the same approach used by some of the world's most successful people, from Oprah Winfrey to Jim Carrey and Steve Harvey. By adopting the winning mindset, these people have shown that the Law of Attraction works. It's an approach rooted in a positive outlook, appreciation and the constant pursuit of fulfillment in your life.

Once you learn the ins-and-outs of the Law of Attraction, make sure you apply it in your everyday life. Use mantras and affirmations regularly, especially when you enter a new sweepstakes contest. This will help keep you consistently entering for new prizes and help you focus on those big wins that are sure to come your way.

How to Enter a Sweepstakes

Gone are the days of mailing in an entry form. Everything has gone digital these days, and that makes entering sweepstakes easier than ever before.

The first step is to join, which only requires:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Postal code
  • Address

Once you're signed up, you'll be entered into a number of members-only sweepstakes. You can earn entries by answering questions and polls, increasing your chances of winning. Plus, as a member of, you'll get free samples, too!

The Best Sweepstakes of 2021

Looking for a sweepstakes to join? Below are some of the most popular of 2021 with some incredible prizes!

  • Dyson: Known for their super-powerful, yet incredibly quiet, fans, vacuums and household items, Dyson is an expensive and well-respected brand — and you can win your own Dyson items!
  • Waffle Maker: Start small, dream big! Enter our sweepstakes to win a fun countertop waffle maker and bring the waffle house home.
  • Magic Bullet: Reduce your time in the kitchen and make eating healthier easier than ever by winning your very own Magic Bullet.
  • Bath Bombs: Treat yourself to an at-home spa day with this at-home bath bombs gift set. It's perfect for helping you put the Law of Attraction and a positive mindset to work.
  • Amazon Echo: Win an Amazon Echo and start using your new voice assistant to get more done. Check the weather, order your favorite items, and stay connected with the Echo.
  • Amazon Gift Card: What would you do with a free $50 gift card? This Amazon gift card sweepstakes gives you the freedom to buy anything you want.
  • Aztec Clay: The Aztec Secret Healing Clay is considered the most powerful facial in the world. Win one and try it for yourself.
  • KEURIG Coffeemaker: The perfect cup of coffee is only a pod and a press away with your new KEURIG. Enter the sweepstakes to win a Cappuccino Pro machine.

Interested in winning more prizes? Join to get in on all the fun.