How Would You Like Your Water To Be Chocolate Flavored?

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How Would You Like Your Water To Be Chocolate Flavored?

There are some things that chocolate makes better. Cookies, cakes, ice cream, and most snacks. There are some things that probably should not be infused with the flavors of chocolate, and that includes water.

The New Zealand brand water company H2Go specializes in flavored waters, but their latest has people asking the very important question: Why?

The little single serve bottle is 200 ml that is flavored like chocolate. It has about two teaspoons of sugar in it which is actually significantly less than a lot of fizzy drinks.

Dietician Sarah Elliot checked out the water and said that it might be a good alternative for those who are big sugar addicts. "The main thing is that it's a really great option for someone who doesn't like water. If it stops them from drinking Coke, Fanta, or juice, then this would be a better option."

She does caution that just because it's better it doesn't mean it's healthy. "Despite being lower in sugar, it still drives an innate desire for sugar. It doesn't help people dampen their cravings."

All the benefits of actual chocolate are left out as well, so while it may taste sort of like your favorite cant it will not have nay of the good stuff.

What do you think, would you give it a try?