I Was Stumped, But This Genius Crow Solved A Crazy Puzzle [Video]

It feels strange to be outsmarted by an animal, but you have to admit this crow is pretty clever. With nothing but a stick and a few rocks this brainy bird manages to solve a really challenging puzzle.

You may be surprised to learn this, but along with dolphins and chimpanzees, crows are some of the smartest animals on the planet. They hide food to keep it safe, build their own tools, and can even recognize words and use basic math.

Watch this clever crow - named 007, of course - beat this puzzle and see if you can figure it out faster than he did!

Almost scary, isn't it? Now you can see why scientists compare crows to human children.

One study even proved that they can recognize whether two pictures match or not. Try teaching your pet cat to do that!

So what makes crows so smart? Their bird brains! Compared to other animals, crows have huge brains for their body size, and clearly they put all that gray matter to good use.

Some will even use traffic to break really tough nuts:

Maybe we should all start adopting crows as pets. They're not as cuddly as a dog, but you could probably teach them to turn on the TV!

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