Only A Genius Can Pass this Test. Are You Up To The Challenge?

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The powers of observation are important in most walks of life. Whether it be telling the difference in the color of a stoplight, the speed of an oncoming car, or the innuendo in someone's smile, it pays to pay attention to detail. If this talent is on the top of your list of sharply-honed skills, then you'll love this test!

In the video, below, there is a series of photos. Your job is to spot the subtle and almost imperceptible differences between each pair of, seemingly, exact replicas of the same picture. Do you think you can do it? Let's start with this one so you can practice:

In the video, you are given ten seconds to find the difference. I won't give you a time limit so you can have plenty of time to figure it out. There is only one slight difference between the two pictures of colored pencils.

Take your time to inspect every aspect of these photos; Don't skip anything in your quest.

When you are ready to find out the answer, just scroll down for the solution.

Are you ready??

Did you figure it out? The light blue pencil in the right-hand picture is slightly shorter than the light blue pencil in the left-hand picture.

See how it works? Great! Now let's try one more:

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