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Princess Eugenie Flooded With Criticism At Latest Outing. This Time, Onlookers Think She’s Taken It Too Far

When it comes to the family of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, the public is accustomed to having a reason to raise an eyebrow from time to time. For the most part, the negative reasons have seemed to lay in the past.

Though long ago, many things are yet forgotten. That’s even more so the case since the invention of the internet. Thanks to this piece of technology, no secret goes unnoted for long!

Princess Eugenie has found her way into the headlines on occasion. The world was overjoyed when the news broke about her engagement to longtime boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank. The love they share is utterly undeniable and, knowing that the royal family is continuing to grow all the more reason to rejoice!

Unfortunately, Eugenie has caught a lot of attention as of late, and it isn’t good attention. As she headed off to the Commonwealth Youth Forum in London to meet up with her cousin, Prince Harry and his bride-to-be, Meghan Markle, paparazzi quickly snapped images of the princess. What stood out the most of all was her chosen outfit.

Those in the royal family are notorious for dressing with utmost modesty and have clothing protocols to which they must adhere. From time to time, protocols are broken, and the public is quick to take notice.

While the outfit Eugenie chose was a lovely one, it definitely skirted the edge on breaking protocol altogether and was highly controversial. She paired a long-sleeved floral day dress with black suede, worn in over-the-knee boots. The dress fell mid-thigh, showing a great deal of skin.

Many thought the outfit was slightly inappropriate for that reason. The other reason for the distaste in the attire choice is that it seemed a bit too informal for such an occasion. This isn’t the first time the Princess has worn the dress. She was first noticed in it back in 2017 at a separate outing.

Compared to those in the limelight these days, this might seem a bit ridiculous for people to point out. For a Royal, though, many feel it is pushing it a bit far.

What do you think? Should Eugenie be allowed to dress this way or should she more closely follow the dressing protocols for the family?

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