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A Frantic Dog Is Drowning In A Canal When Her Rescuers Realize Who She Is

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When police got a call on January 8 about an animal in distress, they responded quickly.

Our police officers don’t only protect humans; they’re sworn to protect our four-legged friends, too!

But they couldn’t have expected what they’d encounter when arriving on the scene this time…

Shasta is a seven-year-old German Shepherd, who’d accidentally slipped through a hole in a fence and fallen into a deep canal.

It wasn’t long before she realized she was in very big trouble.

She kept trying to climb out but the slippery rocks peppering the shore made progress impossible.

Poor Shasta just kept slipping and sliding back into the water; luckily, a pedestrian spotted the desperate pooch and called the cops.

So, Sergeant Tom Watkins and Deputies Nezar Hamze and Josh Stambaugh of the Broward County office quickly raced in to help.

Watkins told Miami 7 News that at first, the situation looked grim:

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