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The shape of legs can tell you what you are in relationships

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When a man likes a woman, he pays a lot of attention to all aspects of her appearance. In her physical appearance, he looks for clues to tell him how a relationship with her would be and chooses the one who will provide him with healthy children.

The shape of a woman’s legs can tell how she behaves in bed. That’s not at all unusual, because everything is based on understanding human anatomy and the connection between people's constitution and their hormonal setup.

So, how does the shape of her legs define the woman’s sexual behavior? To figure this out, you should place your feet very close to each other and look at yourself in the mirror.

Type A

The legs are contiguous and there is only one gap between them, starting from the ankles and ending a little higher than the middle of the calves. There is a rather widespread belief that the smaller the gap between the legs, the more comfortable she will be in bed.

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As a rule, such women are very gentle. They attract men with their tenderness and femininity. They are also shy. They don`t like to take the initiative and want men to do all the work themselves. This can be dangerous for the relationship because most men become easily bored. So, women with such legs should try to be more active.

Type B

The legs touch each other only in one place, at the ankles. These women like to acquire new experiences. They like the element of the game in intimate relationships. They are brave and adventurous.

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