Mom Discovers Son Praying Inside Walmart, She Sees Blue Board Above Him And Gasps!

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This photo of the little boy was doing the rounds on Facebook, then very quickly got a huge amount of attention. The image, which was inside the Walmart store, was shared over 115,000 times!

On his trip to Walmart with his mother, the boy went off by himself when she found him just a short while after, she was ready to be cross with him for wandering off until she saw what he was doing!

“I had to run into Walmart. I turned around to make sure my son was next to me.”

His mom found him, her son was kneeling at one of the benches towards the front of the store. She was not quite sure at first what he was actually doing, but then she noticed that it looked as though he was prating, but why was he doing that?

The confused mom looked at the wall above him and noticed that above him was a board hanging on the wall, it said this on the poster…

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