This Guy Has The Biggest Outie Belly Button In The World, And It’s Making Us Uncomfortable

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Mark is a man from California who’s always looked a little different from his peers. Meet him fully clothed and you wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Lift his shirt, however, and you’ll notice his most prominent feature — a one-inch belly button he claims is the biggest in the world.

“So like, literally, my umbilical cord is still partially attached. Fortunately, the one inch of umbilical cord does tuck away nicely into my torso if I push it in. It creates a cinnamon roll shape, I call it my ‘swirly’,” the 26-year-old explained.

So it only makes sense that Mark is better known by his YouTube username, “Swirly Dude.” He’s uploaded a number of photos showcasing his abnormality, and while it undoubtedly freaks out some viewers, others can’t get enough of it.

“I have no idea why it looks like this, and I don’t think doctors do either. People often think it’s an umbilical hernia, but the doctors just say it’s just a lot of extra umbilical flesh.”

When asked whether he’d ever get surgery to remove it, his answer was no.

“I’ve embraced it as part of my life. Something individualistic that makes me me. And plus, it’s super fun to induce shock, awe, horror, and amusement from people all across the globe.”

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