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This Puppy With Giant Eyebrows Always Looks Like A Very Sad Clown

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About six months ago, a precious English bulldog puppy made her way into the world. But despite the happy occasion, everyone around the sweet pup noticed something interesting about the way she looked — namely, she didn’t seem very thrilled at all about being alive. That’s because she was born with adorably huge eyebrows that give her a perpetually glum expression.

“She always looked sad and had eyebrows,” Janina told The Dodo. So it was only fitting that she named the pup Madame Eyebrows.

No matter the situation or circumstances, it seems like nothing will cheer this morose puppy up — not even canned food…

…new shoes…

…or her duck friend.

But as they say, looks are deceiving, and Janina says that’s definitely the case with Madame Eyebrows.

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