Teacher Notices Something ‘Off’ About Student’s Backpack, Gasps When She Sees What’s Inside

When you’re a teacher, you never know what kind of mischief your students might get into. Sometimes they pull stunts that are frustrating and exhausting, but other times the things they do are so clever and silly that you can’t help but laugh!

That’s what happened when teacher Bobbi Nabors did a backpack check after the morning announcements one day.

Bobbie opened one of the little girl’s backpacks and immediately jumped back in fright. Out of the depths of the bag, two little eyes peered back at her.

Once she got over the initial shock, Bobbi realized what the “frightening” creature was – an adorable little puppy named Jake! He had stayed quiet – contentedly nuzzled in the backpack – all morning long!

When Bobbi heard the little girl’s explanation for how the puppy had gotten in her backpack, she couldn’t help but laugh:

“My mom must’ve put him in there,” the sneaky girl said.

Bobbi called the little girl’s mom to come pick Jake up and, as they waited, the adorable pup quickly became a school celebrity.

When the girl’s mom finally got there, she was all smiles – in disbelief that her daughter had managed to get away with kidnapping the dog! She promised to bring Jake back to visit everyone soon.

In the meantime, Jake has become the poster dog for the school’s upcoming book fair, “Paws for a Good Book!”

We’re sure Jake is in for many more adventures as he gets bigger. We know he’s going to provide lots of love and laughs!

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