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Researchers Find Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Bodies of Teen Vapers

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A groundbreaking report juts arrived, confirming e-cigarettes are likely to trigger a cancer growth within the human body. This is all due to a toxic chemical which is often enhanced in fruit-flavored e-cigarettes.

As a result, plenty of teenagers are facing serious health threat across the globe. The massive conclusion was reported by the University of California, San Francisco, which conducted a thorough research on the matter.

“The presence of harmful ingredients in e-cigarette vapor has been established‍; we can now say that these chemicals are found in the body of human adolescents who use these products,” they wrote in their report, published in the journal Pediatrics.

E-cigarettes are supposed to replace the standard and dangerous cigarette, but is looks as though they are doing more harm than good. Quit Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to this occurrence.

In an effort to reduce smoking, many people of all ages have turned to e-cigarettes for help, but as it turn out, this could be an even graver danger than tobacco itself.

What is even worse is that the chemical in question is not even listed on the labels of e-cigarettes, leaving people not knowing the danger they are getting themselves into.

Dr. Mark Rubinstein, of UCSF’s Division of Adolescent Medicine, carried out a test on 67 teenagers who use vaporizers and then used another group of 16 teenagers which both smoked and used vaporizers.

Finally, they included a third group of 20 teens who do never smoked nor used a vaporizer. They tested their urine and saliva and asked questions about cigarette use.

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