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Hidden & Injured Dog’s Life Was Changed Forever – Thanks To Its Rescuers

The dog’s will to live was almost lost..

In India, the local headquarters of Animal Aid Unlimited got a call to rescue a horribly injured street dog who had gone into a stranger’s house for refuge. His entire neck was wounded and infected, endangering his life as he was without immediate medical aid. The dog needed urgent care, so rescuers had to work as quickly as they possibly could. Rescuers also tried to give him some snacks to befriend the dog. Thankfully, the injured dog was so trusting despite his pain, and it was easy for rescuers to coax him into their van.

They rushed Jupiter back to their medical facility to begin the check-up and medical treatment. However, the size of the wound would take many weeks to heal. Staff members patiently cleaned the huge wound, applied some topical solutions, and bandaged it up well.

The team spent many consecutive weeks treating Jupiter’s injuries and nurturing his sweet but shy nature. Eventually, staff members were even able to hug him as he ate! Without this rescue mission, Jupiter probably would have stayed hidden until he succumbed to his injuries. Thankfully, help was around the corner for this lucky canine.

Watch Jupiter’s tear-jerking life story below!

Meet Jupiter today – His wounds are now completely healed up, and he is also full of life! Thanks to the hard work by Animal Aid Unlimited, India, Jupiter’s life has been successfully turned around. Interested parties who would like to donate to their noble cause and support their work can do so via their website.

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