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Therapy Corgi Spots Sombre-Looking Man In Airport, And Approaches Him

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The Corgi could sense that the man needed some comforting.

Meet Cora the Corgi, who was rescued from a backyard breeder just before turning eight years old. Prior to her rescue, she had spent her entire life solely for breeding puppies and nothing else. When her former family decided it was time to get rid of her after her last litter which only produced one healthy puppy, her life was about to change for the rest of her life when she ends up in a local shelter. It was there that she caught the attention of one young woman who took an almost instant liking to the Corgi.

A woman named Madison Palm decided to take Cora in and foster her, and realized there was no way she could ever let Cora go. Thus, she adopted Cora! Cora had been through so much in life, but had so much love to give in her new role as a trained therapy dog!

The Corgi loves to meet every person she comes across, but never strays too far from her owner’s side. She loves being a lap dog, who enjoys being petted at all times. Her gentle and kind nature has earned nothing short of praises from whomever she meets.

Cora had a habit of walking up to strangers, just to say hello. One day in an airport terminal, there were lots of people for the Corgi to meet, but one particular passenger needed her much more than the others did.

The dog walked around, eager to greet everyone near her, and then decided to take a nap. Her owner released Cora from her leash, only to find out later on that Cora had woken up, and was sitting beside a man.

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