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If You Ate At Chipotle Recently, Check Your Credit Card Right Now!

Chipotle Mexican Grill is no stranger to being in the headlines. Just when you began to think that they were getting their act together following multiple E. coli outbreaks and accusations of lying about caloric content, something happens they go right back to square one.

This week Wall Street reported that the chain's payment system was hacked and as a result customer credit card information may have been compromised.

"We want to make our customers and investors aware we recently detected unauthorized activity on a network that supports payment processing for purchases made in our restaurants," said the company's chief financial officer Jack Hartung.

The company isn't sure about which locations may have been affected by the security breach but it is estimated to have occurred between March 24 through April 18.

Chipotle said it has partnered with a cyber security firm and law enforcement to investigate the issue.

No other statement has been released in regards to the hacking but Hartung assured everyone that affected customers will be notified once the details about the breach become clear.

If you've visited Chipotle in the last few weeks, you should take a look at your statement to ensure there isn't any fraudulent activity. If you notice anything abnormal, contact your credit company right away.

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