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10 Foods You Never Knew You Could Put In The Freezer

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Picture this: You come home from the grocery store with a ton of delicious (and expensive) food to eat, but much of it has already gone bad after a few days. What gives?

You can't always buy fewer eggs, mushrooms, or avocados, so save yourself a bit of money and freeze them! Hint: Not every food is freezer-friendly, so follow this list to help you make your food last longer and save money in the long run!

1. Cheese

Have you ever pulled out a block of cheese from the fridge and found a cluster of green spots on it? Tossing it out in the trash doesn't feel too good - the remaining cheese was about $6! Next time, instead of storing all the cheese in the fridge, cut off a block and freeze it. Just make sure you thaw it before putting it back in the fridge.

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2. Nuts

Almonds, peanuts, cashews, and walnuts all have one thing in common: they tend to carry a lot of mold. The longer they're kept at room temperature, the more likely they'll lose their flavor and contain a lot of unseen mold that will upset your tummy. Store them in the freezer until you plan to use them in recipes or add to cereals.

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3. Ripe Bananas

As soon as they turn black, most of us toss bananas in the compost. Don't do that! You can keep them in the freezer to make banana bread or add to smoothies for an extra-creamy texture.

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