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Dad Accidentally Captures The Most Incredible Photo Of His Pregnant Wife

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Back in my day, you had to lug around a large camera and a roll of film with you every time you wanted to take a picture.

And most photos weren't taken by accident. The cameraman would line us up and have us pose before he pressed the button (we couldn't afford to waste film).

I was lucky to have one maternity photo taken of me when I was pregnant with my first daughter.

The photo was taken a month before I gave birth. I was at my family's cottage watching my nieces and nephews swimming when my husband loaded some film in a cheap manual camera, and snapped a photo of me at the most perfect time.

I was standing on the dock where the canoes were stationed when the wood under my feet snapped and I fell flat on my bum. Right when I was falling, my husband pressed the button.

It wasn't a fancy maternity shoot that many people have today, but it's a memory that no one in my family will ever forget.

Nowadays, people can take high quality photos on their mobile phones and post it on social media platforms for everyone to see and comment.

You can go on Facebook right now and see dozens of photos taken only seconds apart from each other.

So what makes a photo truly spectacular these days? That may be a tough question to answer, but I'm sure the photo a Florida man took of his pregnant wife will amaze you.

Dan Mozer was directing his wife, Angela, to stand by the beach for a picture when something breathtaking happened...

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