Is There A Tinder For Stoners?

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Is There A Tinder For Stoners?

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Tinder But For Stoners and Weed

Over the last decade, the world has witnessed a sharp rise in niche dating trends. The internet is on an inclusivity rave – demonstrating acceptance for all kinds of people and interests. From religion-specific dating sites to what have you, they’re designed to get major deal breakers out of the way. So, is there a Tinder for stoners?

The relatively new cannabis culture has equally taken off for stoners. Direct connection with like-minded people makes the dating process a lot easier and way more fun. It sucks to be the stoner guy/gal nobody wants to match with on broad dating sites. The ‘lazy stoner’ stereotype is partly to be blamed.

The niche is still in its infancy and may not be as buoyant as grounded dating platforms. However, it holds much promise. Depending on your location, you may also have a hard time finding a stoner bud. The legal status of marijuana and social/cultural acceptance play a huge role on how these sites/apps thrive in an area.

Here Are the Best Dating Sites/Apps for Stoners


Hinge is a one-of-a-kind dating app for stoners and probably the best. It digresses from the traditional ‘swipe and match’ model and creates space for deeper connections. The design boasts a personal space for meaningful and deep-rooted relationships. Unlike Tinder where you make your first decision on appearance, Hinge nudges you towards scrolling through entire profiles.

Hinge is far more personalized and somewhat more secure than Tinder. Matches on Hinge only come from ‘friends of friends’ on Facebook. This streamlines the chances of running into fake accounts. No one wants to get catfished. However, there are people who are also uncomfortable with the idea of dating the friend of a friend.

On Hinge, there’s a section on the profile called “Vices”. It allows you to list preferences for weed, drugs and alcohol. You can also filter matches based on these vices. Furthermore, you can identify if such preferences pose as deal breakers. You’re also availed the opportunity of liking specific entries on a profile. That way, they know exactly what you like most about them. It’s an incredible way to kick-off a productive conversation.

Merits: You’re more likely to find real people. Designed to foster deep relationships. 3 months free trial. 420 friendly

Demerits: There’s no search option to find 420-friendly users. You can’t meet ‘random’ people.


  • First 3 months: Free
  • 1 month: $12.99/month
  • 3 months: $6.99/month
  • 6 months: $4.99/month

Available on Google Play and App Store

My 420 Mate

My 420 Mate brings a laser-focused approach to stoner dating. Just as the name suggests, it’s a safe haven helping stoners find stoner partners.

With members in over 80 countries, My 420 Mate is a traditional dating hive for stoners. Sign up is pretty niche and neat. You’re required to fill out some questions about yourself, who you’re looking for, your cannabis of choice and why you consume marijuana. Then you can search and surf through the wide user base for matches.

The website appears to be more intuitive than the app. This is subject to change with future updates.

Merits: Lots of active 420 users. Allows you to set your cannabis of choice

Demerits: The app is far from perfect.


  • First 65 credits: Free
  • 77 credits: $4.99
  • 420 credits: $10.99
  • 1500 credits : $29.99

Available on Google Play and App Store

Date 420 Friendly

Date 420 Friendly is very much on par with My 420 Mate when it comes to strict focus on marijuana. Sign up is also somewhat similar with a huge ‘BUT’. Until you subscribe, the only thing you can do is to set up your profile.

Merits: Job listings, Games and Events are provided.

Demerits: Fully paid service. No app. Old Interface.


  • One month: $4.20 (ha)
  • One year: $21.00

Highly Devoted

Highly Devoted brings the ancient matchmaking systems to the internet. The Mulan (2020) life-action remake from Disney reminded us of the village matchmakers and the ancient art of matchmaking.

Instead of establishing a direct contact between users, the Highly Devoted matchmakers act as the processing room and relationship experts. On sign up, you fill out a Google form for consultation and screening. Thereafter, you receive a quote to proceed.

Once your payment is verified, the experts swing into action. More information is gathered through phone calls and Skype interviews until a zenith is reached. Afterwards, you get a personalized match.

It’s more of a hit for classy individuals who aren’t cut out for the ‘online dating mess’. The old ways can still be efficient in the new world.

The service is owned by Molly Peckler, a cannabis consultant and life coach. If you’re too old for games, come over here.

Merits: Optimal personalization. Help from experienced ‘players’ in the field. Events and mixers are on the table. 420 friendly.

Demerits: These kind of services are often expensive.  Long processes may be involved.

420 Singles

If we followed the article title to the T, 420 Singles is the ultimate Tinder for stoners. It’s not just a dating site for stoners, it’s a Tinder replica for stoners. It has the swipe and match model and a handful of Tinder features.

Just like Tinder, it’s a free invite for hookups.


·         Free Version: Yes

·         Plus Subscription: $10.49

Available on Google Play and App Store

High There!

High There! is more than a dating service. It’s a vibrant community/social platform filled with color and life. The service has its long tentacles spread across every nook and cranny of a stoner’s life. It covers marijuana culture, lifestyle, education and medicine.

On the other hand, the dating setup is similar to Tinder. The interface is neat and minimalistic. There’s the usual swipe and match model and a whole lot of other Tinder-like features. With a little bit of extras here and there, it does stand out.

Available on Google Play and App Store


Match is not a typical stoner-focused dating site. It accommodates all and sundry. Here’s the catch: when you have that many users on a flexible platform, people tend to carve out niches. Although it wasn’t specifically built for stoners, it’s easy to find other stoners on the platform.


  • Free Version: Yes
  • Three-month Subscription: $23.99/month
  • Six-month Subscription: $20.99/month
  • 1-year Subscription: $19.99/month


OkCupid has been matching singles way before recreational marijuana became legal in some parts of the USA. It’s one of those early dating sites that stood the test of time. And now, we know why. OkCupid has been innovative enough to adapt to the needs of every generation it serves. Even though not originally designed for stoners, it now includes a search option for discovering 420-friendly users.

The signup process is long and detailed as it tries to capture as much information as possible. When you’ve filled out at least 100 questions, you’re bound to get the best results. It’s best for people who know themselves very well and know exactly what they want.


  • Basic plan: Free
  • A-List 1 month: $19.99/month
  • A-List 3 months: $14.99/month
  • A-List 12 months: $9.99/month

Available on Google Play and App Store

Find someone to split a spliff with for the rest of your lives. In general, online dating can be a daunting and hefty task. It could be the usual girl to guy ratio problem, fake/inactive accounts and lots more. Whatever the case may be, you’re off to a better start finding a stoner buddy/partner from these sites. It’s best to get ready for the stoner-of-your-life by scooping one/all of these cool ashtrays for stoners. You all better have some mind-blowing sessions!

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