Is Using Apple Pay at Online Casinos Truly Safer Than Other Payment Methods?

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Is Using Apple Pay at Online Casinos Truly Safer Than Other Payment Methods?

Launched in 2014, Apple Pay has become quite a sensation. It is a digital wallet and mobile wallet offering users an easy, quick, and safe way to make money transactions both online and in-person. Due to its many benefits, it was easy for online casinos to accept and embrace Apple Pay as a payment option.

Apple Pay casinos are betting sites that accept payments through this payment option. While not many casinos have embraced the payment method, its reception is increasing by day and more and more casinos are adding Apple Pay to their list of payment options.

Why is Using Apple Pay a Safer Than Using Other Payment Methods

There are numerous reasons why many people are choosing to use Apple Pay as their payment option while betting online. Here are a few of them.

High Security and Safety

Normally, whenever you make online payments, you need to share sensitive information alongside your credit or debit card details. However, Apple Pay by passes the need to share your personal data, which makes it more secure to use as your preferred payment option.

You don’t need to store your card details on your Apple device, and your card number is never shared with the casino by Apple when processing your payment. Apple Pay gives your device a unique encrypted account number which is securely stored on your phone.

To make the process safer, you can authorize Apple Pay through biometrics with your fingerprint or choose a difficult to guess passcode. This assures you that your details cannot fall into the wrong hands even if you get scammed while using Apple Pay. Since the service processes payments through encrypted codes, you will also not be liable to any more losses.

Apple is a Reputable Company

Apple is a big, renowned company that has managed to stay ahead of its competitors. For decades, they have continued to make high-quality products and Apple Pay is no exception. With such a great reputation, players are confident that Apple Pay is also a reputable payment option, which is why it has continued to gain popularity in the online betting industry.

Benefits That Come from the Casinos That Offer Apple Pay as a Payment Method

Are you considering using Apple Pay to fund and download money from an online casino? You will be pleased to know that there are numerous benefits attached to this payment option. Among the many benefits that casinos offering Apple Pay as a payment method offer players include.

Easy to Use for iPhone Users

If you already own an iOS device, setting up Apple Pay is straightforward. Your device comes with the Apple Wallet already included within your operating system. So, you don’t need to download or install any application. You only need to click on the wallet symbol and proceed to link it with your debit or credit card. The instructions are easy to follow, and with no time, you will have set up Apple Pay and start using it at online casinos.

Credit Cards Compatibility

Compatible with various credit cards which makes it a great choice for casino players who are looking for a fast, easy, and secure way to deposit and withdraw at Apple Pay casinos accounts.

Fast and Free of Charges

Payments through Apple Pay go through instantly and you can access the money immediately in your account to start betting. Also, Apple Pay doesn’t charge any fees for transferring your money.

Safety and Security

Apple Pay system on your mobile phone is safe and secure. You don’t have to share your bank information or any other sensitive data since you can access Apple Pay by touch ID. The system recognizes each member’s unique fingerprint or faces through the facial recognition software.

Other Popular Payment Methods for Canadians

If you don’t own an iOS device and you wish to play at an online casino, don’t worry. There are other numerous payment methods for Canadian players, including PaysafeCard, Interac, Credit Cards, and eCheck. These are some of the most trusted payment methods for various reasons.

Firstly, they accept the Canadian dollar as one of currencies, which means that you don’t have to worry about conversion rates. These methods are widely accepted by Canadian online casinos making them great choices. Some payment options charge high processing fees, making them undesirable. However, these ones don’t come with hefty fees that eat into your bankroll. They are, therefore the next best option after Apple Pay.

Final Thoughts

If you are a Canadian casino player looking for a safe, fast, and reliable payment option, Apple Pay is a great option. With it, you will enjoy depositing and withdrawing your funds instantly without incurring any fees. The fact that it doesn’t share your sensitive information is an added bonus since t assures you that you don’t have the risk of facing identity theft or cyberattacks.

The only drawback to using Apple Pay is that iOS software gets frequent updates which makes the system to misbehave. In such cases, you may be unable to use Apple Pay to fund your casino account or withdraw your winnings. However, the good outweigh the bad, and therefore, Canadian players should embrace Apple Pay as one of the best payment options for online betting.

Also, Apple devices are becoming more affordable, making this payment option readily available to many players. If you own an Apple device and you like betting online, look for casinos accepting Apple Pay, and enjoy a convenient, safe, fast, and secure payment option.

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