Is Your Phone Killing You? Health Problems Of The Digital Age

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Is Your Phone Killing You? Health Problems Of The Digital Age

The modern world comes with a whole new set of health problems. Issues that once were rare or insignificant enough to easily write off now cause major problems. Here are just a few of common health problems caused by living in a digital world, along with a few simple ways to help address them.

Obesity And Joint Pain

People are sitting more and leading more sedentary lives as a result of the digital era, and this is causing some physical problems like joint pain and obesity as a result. In all US states, 1 in 25 working-age adults face work limitations they attribute to arthritis. While it might seem like sitting can help, not using your joints can potentially worsen any existing stiffness or pain.

What to do: One of the easiest solutions for this is to get up and move, especially outside where you're getting extra vitamin D from the sun. A lack of vitamin D is thought to reduce fat breakdown and trigger fat storage, leading to an average weight gain of two to four pounds each year in autumn and winter. If you struggle with staying active due to joint pain, look into what pain treatment options are available for you; 89% of consumers agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain.

Strained, Tired Eyes And Blue Light Insomnia

Most people, for work, school, or entertainment, spend a shocking number of hours staring at screens on a daily basis. This amount of blue light exposure can cause your eyes to feel tired, as well as keeping you up later. If you're on your phone late at night, you're exposing yourself to blue light, which can trick your brain into staying awake for longer.

What to do: If possible, adjust the settings on your devices to filter out blue light as much as possible. Most devices will have a way to adjust this setting, but if not, consider purchasing a pair of blue-light filtering computer glasses. Additionally, when heading to bed for the night, turn off your phone or any other screen that might be emitting blue light and keeping you awake.

Hearing Loss And Sound Sensitivity

Nowadays, it's easier than ever to take your music with you wherever you go. Many people ignore default warnings on devices to turn down their music, and will accidentally listen to their music too loud. Loud music, especially when listened to through headphones or earbuds, can cause hearing sensitivity or even eventual hearing loss.

What to do: When you do listen to music on your device, try to keep the volume lower, and never listen to your device at full volume through earbuds. If you're worried about keeping your kids' hearing safe, see what parental control settings you can put on their devices to limit how loud the volume on their devices can get.

Many of these health problems are fairly common in today's digital world. How do you plan to protect your health from these common electronic and digital dilemmas?

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