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"Grey's Anatomy" Star Blames Racism For Getting Fired

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Anyone was watches Grey's Anatomy remembers how much they loved Dr. Preston Burke. Watching him and Cristina Yang navigate life together and help each other grow was refreshing. They may not have been a perfect couple, but they stuck together through thick and thin in order to make their relationship work.


Yang and Burke were a power couple on television and showed us what it takes to make something work. When they finally got engaged, I was thrilled that they were going to get their happy ending. Yang needed someone who she could let her guard down for, and Burke was just the guy. That is, of course, until he left her at the altar and fled town because he got cold feet. RUDE.


Everyone was confused as to why such an integral character was written off the show, especially since Burke was such a big part of Yang's life. Then it came out that there was more to his departure than we originally thought. Isaiah Washington, who played Burke, was allegedly causing a lot of problems behind the scenes. He apparently called T.R. Knight (who played George O'Malley) a homophobic slur, which prompted Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) to punch Washington. This led to a huge brawl and Washington was written off the show.

We did get to see him one last time on Grey's before Yang left, and it gave us a little bit of closure. No one spoke about the real reason Washington left, and everyone was buying the rumors about a fight on set. But now the actor is speaking out about his departure, and he says it's all about racism.

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