"Isolated" Teen Suffers From Rare Disease That Could Kill Him If He Leaves The House

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While most kids his age are going to school, taking part in extra-curricular activities and socializing with friends, thirteen-year-old Bryce Fisher has no choice but to stay home.

It's not because his parents are strict or he doesn't enjoy the company of others, it's because he suffers from a disease so rare that only one in a million people live with it.

A year-and-a-half ago, Bryce was diagnosed with chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis, which causes his immune system to attack his bones, his mother, Carolyn Anderson, told The Independent Enterprise.

Classified as an auto-inflammatory disorder, CRMO's symptoms include "deep aching pain, limping, tenderness over affected areas and often fevers," according to Autoinflammatory Alliance. The condition can also have negative effects on the skin, triggering complications like "psoriasis, acne, or pustules on the hands and feet."

Perhaps the most dangerous effect of the disease is the fact that it compromises the immune system, which means that the patient's body is unable to fight against pathogens that cause illness. This is why Bryce cannot mingle with anyone outside of his house.

“He is lonely,” Carolyn told the publication. “He feels isolated.”

Carolyn also opened up about the difficult road to Bryce's diagnosis and his prognosis.

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