Israel’s Best and Leading CBD Products

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Israel’s Best and Leading CBD Products

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In recent months, anything infused with CBD flew off of store shelves. However, individuals today want better products, ones that are safe, efficient, and accurate. This holds true when it comes to everything from the raw flowers used to produce these products to pharmaceuticals. Consumers want information on where these items come from, what is in them, and more. Israel remains a leader in the production and sale of cannabis products today. Why is this the case?

Research and Development

America prohibited cannabis research for many decades. Although certain states in the country today allow the legal use of marijuana, not all states do. Today, this substance remains on the prohibited list in the United States, and researchers struggle to get the flower to carry out studies. Israel views cannabis in a different light. Today, Israel leads all other countries in terms of cannabis research, which is why consumers often turn to products produced in that country. This might include items like cbd tincture.

In fact, U.S. News and World Report named Israel as “The Holy Land of medical marijuana.” Raphael Mechoulam earned the title of The Father of Cannabis Research back in the 1960s after he discovered phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids. In 1963, Mechoulam got five kilos of hashish from a police station and used it for research. He then worked with the Israeli Ministry of Health to get cannabis products for additional research.

Mechoulam and his team isolated and fully synthesized major plant cannabinoids and conducted studies on Anandamide, the endocannabinoid that handles homeostasis. Today, Mechoulam runs a Hebrew University research program. He looks at how cannabinoids may treat different illnesses, such as cancer.

Additional Research

Mechoulam isn’t alone in his research. Other companies in Israel carry out research using medical marijuana. Today, the Israeli Agricultural Ministry together with the Israeli Health Ministry oversee an 8 million NIS budget designated for new cannabis research. At this time, they have approved 13 projects with three major areas of focus.

Researchers will look at identifying and producing new strains while working to see how they can be used in medicine. They will also carry out new studies to learn how cannabis can help with common conditions today. Finally, the researchers look at improving cultivation practices, such as watering and fertilizing techniques.

Best Sellers

Thanks to the global pandemic, consumers continue to look for alternative ways to treat common problems. Additionally, they want products that will help to reduce their anxiety and depression from being forced to remain at home. CBD products help them achieve this goal, which is why many are turning to items produced in Israeli for some much-needed relief. However, they may also look for products closer to home. It’s of great importance to learn about the products being purchased to make certain they are reputable and will provide the desired results.

The Future

Along with consumers, government agencies now look to Israeli when they want CBD products based on science. Transparency needs to remain a hallmark of this industry along with quality. Thanks to the university and medical infrastructure in Israeli, men and women feel comfortable making use of products from this country. The focus remains on research and regulation, and people trust items that come from Israeli.

If you need CBD for any reason, know what you are buying. Simply because a product states it contains CBD doesn’t mean it does. It’s up to consumers to know what they are getting. Spend your money wisely, as you want relief, and authentic products provide it.

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