This "Somersault Trick" Has Been Proven To Help Cure Nausea

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This "Somersault Trick" Has Been Proven To Help Cure Nausea

If you suffer from vertigo you know how awful a condition it is. The simplest things, like sitting down or looking around, can trigger intense dizzy spells that ruin your life.

Since the problems are related to your inner ear, there are no easy fixes for the condition. Until now, there were only some exercises that could make vertigo less excruciating, but a doctor from the University of Colorado has discovered a foolproof technique.

She calls he technique the "half-somersault maneuver," and the video where she explains how to do it has taken the internet by storm.

Patients simply tilt their head up, then down towards the floor like they're going to do a somersault. From here, you look at your left elbow until the dizziness goes away, then raise your head and sit down quickly.

It may sound a little silly, but patients who were trapped in their own bodies by the condition swear it works wonders.

People from as far away as Poland and Saudi Arabia have even e-mailed Dr. Foster, telling her how much better their lives are after using her cure.

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