It’s Time to Know Everything About Your Harley

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It’s Time to Know Everything About Your Harley

There is no such person who doesn’t know Harley-Davidson. This American company has been manufacturing and selling heavy motorcycles for highway driving for many years. Over the years of its existence, the manufacturer has become a globally-recognized brand and has won an army of fans from all over the world. Nowadays, the majority of fans of a fast ride dream about having a motorcycle by Harley-Davidson.

History, Products, Prospects

During the first years of the company operation, it has been manufacturing motorcycles with an engine capacity of only 440 to 880 cm3. Later, when the company gained popularity and recognition in the market, they changed the product concept and developed more powerful vehicles, whose engine capacity reached up to 1,200 cm3. A couple of years later, a droplet-like gas tank first appeared. Today, the Harley-Davidson family has six lines of different models:

  • Sportster Family;
  • Dyna Family;
  • Softail Family;
  • V-Rod Family;
  • Touring Family;
  • And the CVO Family.

Interestingly, you can easily determine the vehicle model, year of manufacture, country of assembly, and many other characteristics by simply checking the VIN code of the motorcycle. Do it yourself or check here by ordering professional assistance from dedicated experts.

Specs of Harley VIN Codes

Over the years of company operation, Harley-Davidson motorcycles had at least three types of VIN codes, with the main difference being associated with the combination of length and format. Depending on the era of your Harley vehicle, you can decode the VIN code and find out a lot of information about the motorcycle.

By simply looking at the code, you can determine if your vehicle has been manufactured before 1981 or in later years. In case your Harley was issued before 1980, its VIN code with cover 9 digits or so. If manufactured after 1980, a VIN code of Harley motorcycle will be no less than 17 digits. Harley vehicles made in the 1960s and earlier can have a VIN combination of 11 or more characters (but it is no longer than 17).

If you want to read the 17-character VIN code of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you need to stick to the following logic.

  • The first 3 symbols designate the model of the motorcycle.
  • The fourth character defines the weight class of the vehicle (e.g.: heavy, light, and stroller).
  • The next two symbols determine the model designation.
  • The seventh symbol indicates the type of engine.
  • The eights symbol determines the date when arrived in your country.
  • The ninth symbol is the check digit.
  • The tenth symbol indicates the year of manufacture.
  • The eleventh character indicates the factory where the vehicle has been manufactured.
  • The 12-17 symbols are the identification number of this particular motorcycle. This is a numerical designation determining the model (with configuration specs) that has been originally assembled.

In case you are unsure how to read the VIN code yourself, then we strongly recommend that you address this task to professionals of this business.

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