If Your Name Starts With J You're Probably A Leader, But There's More To You Than That

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If Your Name Starts With J You're Probably A Leader, But There's More To You Than That

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Our names are important, and not just because we answer to them when called. It is the sound that has stuck to us all our lives and means more than just a "hey, you."

People with certain names are bound to particular traits that push them into specific roles and positions in life.

It's no surprise to us "Js" of course, as we are usually on top of what is going on around us.

There is a lot that comes with being a "J" and it comes with a fair bit of responsibility. In numerology, the letter "J" is represented by the number 1, which is the most powerful and influential of numbers.

If your name begins with "J" then you have an natural tendency to be in charge. You are drawn into leading roles, however you aren't pushy or arrogant in your position of power.

However, people will look at your capabilities as a leader and judge you for it, and these are the traits that they will find.

If your name starts with the letter "J" then you are born to lead, but in more than a traditional "ruling" sense.

Some notable leaders include innovators and writers, like Joanne (J.K.) Rowling, who built a following by showing people a vision of what they could accomplish through community.

Of course, "J's" are very creative, and bring their original problem-solving skills to every aspect of their lives, like Jennifer Lawrence and how she became the highest-paid actress in Hollywood and yet finds time to support humanitarian causes.

Another thing that sets a "J" ahead is their ambition and self-determination. They are hard-working when it comes down to it and their willpower is a sight to behold!

In particular, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has shown tremendous strength in her battle with breast cancer.

While we might be lazy at times, or lacking direction, there really are no better names than "J!"

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