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15 Eye-Popping Guinness World Records

The Guinness World Records celebrates 62 years of extraordinary record-breaking achievements this year. It dropped jaws in the early 1950s, and it hasn't stopped since. Take a look at some of our favorites.  

1. The longest fingernails (10 feet 2 inches).

It looks like she's been growing snakes on the tips of her fingers for 18 years.

2. Most ice-cream scoops balanced on a cone.

Leaning tower of ibiza (ice cream) 121 scoops

3. The largest foot rotation (143 degrees).

His knees don't look too well.

4. Person covered by the largest number of bees (326,000).

I guess some people like to live out other people's nightmares.

5. The tightest frying pan roll.


6. Longest distance pulled by a horse while on fire.

He wore the appropriate clothing to shield himself from the flames.

7. Farthest eyeball pop (0.47 inches beyond eye sockets).

These seven weren't that bad, wait until you see the next ones.

8. Farthest tightrope walk in heels.

I can't walk in a straight line on dry pavement wearing running shoes.  

9. Most cockroaches eaten in one minute. (36)

It's not a surprise that no one has tried to beat this 2001 record.

The image above is small for a reason.

10. Most prolonged fart. (2 minutes and 42 seconds)

He destroyed the environment with all that methane.

11. Stretchiest Skin

Garry Turner can stretch the skin around his stomach to 6.25 inches. He has a rare medical condition where he doesn't produce collagen. He's almost the real version of Mister Fantastic.  

12. Most piercings.

As of 2006, this Brazilian woman has pierced her skin 4,225 times. Ouch.

13. Oldest Male Stripper.

Bernie Barker: former real estate turned into a stripper at the age of 60 to overcome his prostate cancer by getting in shape. He went on to win more than 40 contests. Step back Magic Mike.

14. The Human Magnet

15. The Airplane Eater.

No, the title is not a typo. Michel Lotito's stomach lining is twice as thick as the average man's.

What other bizarre Guinness World Records can you think of?

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