Kidnapped Teen Jayme Closs Gets $25K Reward For Rescuing Herself

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Kidnapped Teen Jayme Closs Gets $25K Reward For Rescuing Herself

Barron County Sheriff's Department - Facebook

After her harrowing escape from her kidnapper's home, a Minnesota company has good news for teenager Jayme Closs.

The Jennie-O Turkey Store, which employed both of Closs' parents before their murders in October, said a $25,000 reward offered by the company for the girl's safe return will be given to her.

Closs, 13, managed to escape from a home where she was held captive by her abductor for almost three months.

Jayme CLoss
Jayme Closs was abducted and held prisoner for 88 days before escaping earlier this month.Barron County Sheriff's Department - Facebook

Jim Snee, the president of Hormel Foods (Jennie-O's parent company) said the business was "overjoyed at the news of Jayme's safe return."

"Her bravery and strength have truly inspired our team members around the world."

Steve Lykken, the president of the Turkey Store, said that the money would be put in a trust fund to cover Jayme's "needs today and in the future."

The company also helped cover the costs of search and rescue efforts while Closs was still missing.

Along with Jennie-O's share of the reward money, the FBI offered another $25,000 for Closs' safe return. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald says details of the reward are still being discussed with the Milwaukee FBI.

Jake Patterson
Closs' alleged kidnapper, Jake Patterson.Barron County Sheriff's Department - Facebook

Neighbors of Closs' accused kidnapper, who called 911 after the teenager escaped, say they do not want any of the reward money offered, and think Closs deserves it instead.

As neighbor Peter Kasinkas said, "she got herself out."

Closs' accused kidnapper, Jake Patterson, 21, is also alleged to have murdered her parents during a home invasion that investigators say was meticulously planned.

Patterson told police in a confession that he became obsessed with kidnapping Closs after seeing her by chance on her school bus.

Closs described being threatened and beaten by Patterson, who forced her to stay under his bed without food or water for hours. Despite being trapped under the bed by weighted barriers, Closs was able to escape while Patterson was out of the house earlier this month.

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Do you think Closs deserves the rest of the reward money?

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