Jennifer Love Hewitt Shared The Details Of Her Drunken 'Date' With Betty White

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When you think of Hollywood royalty, there is no one who fits the bill better than Betty White. She has been around for decades, making us laugh with her endlessly entertaining antics, and even though the actress is now 96 years old, she isn't slowing down in the least.

White has a lot of famous friends thanks to her impressive career, including fellow actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Despite their 57 year age gap, the two became fast friends on the set of 2011's The Lost Valentine, and recently, Hewitt shared a little bit of gossip about their tight-knit relationship.

The Lost Valentine

Hewitt told her story on The Late Late Show With James Corden, saying that White is just like "all of us." She proved it by dishing on what the then 89-year-old was like on a night out on the town.

"One night we were filming, and we went out and I was like, "˜Oh my gosh, I'm going on a date with Betty White.' It's the most nervous date I've ever been on in my life," Hewitt started. Understandable though, White is a legend, anyone would be nervous.

But then things started to get a little wild.

"We're chatting and having the best time. I don't drink a lot, so maybe three-and-a-half vodkas in I'm like, "˜Woo, I'm feeling this dinner with Betty White, OK,'" she continued. "So, we go to leave and it's great and then all of the sudden I see that Betty's sort of going this way [mimes tilting]."

Apparently Hewitt wasn't the only one who had a little bit too much to drink, and she quickly realized she needed to keep an eye on her.

"I was like, "˜Oh my god, I am like the bodyguard of a national treasure. You have got to snap it together and don't kill Betty White on your date!'" she said. "So we get her from the bushes. She didn't really go in the bushes, but she was on her way."

Hewitt said she was invited to White's hotel room for a "nightcap" and obviously went up with her to continue their little hangout, and found out what a "nightcap" really means to the one and only Betty White.

"Her nightcap is gummy bears. I mean, shut the front door and lock it. She's perfect," Hewitt said. "We got drunk and we had gummy bears, and it was amazing."

It's definitely one of the best stories to come out of a drunken evening ever!

Source - ET Online / People / Today

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