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This Man Has An Actual Jet Pack, And He Just Broke A World Record

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If you thought that shooting across the sky like some sort of superhero was only meant for action-packed movies in a futuristic world, then buckle up. Because not only do we have Iron Man capabilities, the next logical step is to use them to outrace each other.

The man behind this insane project is Richard Browning, who began this project three years ago with a dream much like the Wright brothers. Browning wanted to fly.

What started out with a pair of basic wings and electric fans has grown into a fully-fledged breakthrough for human-centric flight. When his research and funding improved, the next logical step was to strap a jet engine to his body.

While sounding crazy, the addition worked and the inventor achieved lift-off and hovered several feet off the ground before returning from his short-lived flight. “That was the very first moment we properly proved this would work,” he said. “That was it. You could get away with it.”

Now, the technology has advanced to such a degree that large companies and the military are beginning to sponsor his work to help him do incredible things.

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