Jill Duggar and Husband Reportedly Rejected By Their Own Church After Being Caught In A Lie

The Duggars are known for many things, but most prominently they are known for their faith. The family abides by strict religious practices, and even as the kids start their own families this faith continues.

Jill Duggar, one of the oldest Duggar children, recently got married to Derrick Dillard and the two have one child together. For the better part of their marriage, Jill and Derrick have spent time in Central America doing missionary work.

The couple found it rewarding, but faced some backlash after their son Israel was bitten by some bugs in El Salvador which carry foreign diseases. Jill, who is expecting her second child, also exposed herself to the Zika virus by being out of the United States.

"Why would you put your children in harms way?! If you and Derrick wanted to do this then you should have waited to have children," one fan asked, "dragging those poor innocent babies to that dangerous place."

Now, the couple's humanitarian work has been called fraudulent after it turns out not everything they were doing was by the book.

Take a look on the next page to see what the couple lied about, and what their church had to say about it.

Jill has always talked proudly of her education as a midwife, with her and older sister Jana Duggar taking courses and doing volunteer work with local midwives near their home. Jill wanted to use her midwife skills to help those in foreign countries, but as it turns out, she's not really certified to.

According to Dr. Amy Tuteur, an obstetrician gynecologist, Jill Duggar's midwife certification is bogus. The CPM certification, which Jill Duggar has, is actually not a real midwife qualification.

"Many young women who want to become midwives seem to think it is too much bother, time or money to complete an actual midwifery curriculum and think it is enough to just apprentice themselves to someone for a minimal number of births, study to pass a few tests, and become a CPM that way," says Judith Rooks, a highly respected leader in the world of midwifery.

Because Jill wasn't an actual licensed midwife, their application to the International Mission Board was rejected. According to the Southern Baptist Convention, the church through which the couple applied for the missionary position, the following requirements need to be met:

"Must complete at least 12 college credit hours comprising three hours each of new testament survey, old testament survey, biblical or systematic theology, as well as elective courses in general ministry."

Derrick only has an undergraduate in accounting, and Jill has no post-secondary education at all.

The family, and TLC, are facing backlash for this rejection, as fans believe they were lied to about what the couple was actually doing in El Salvador. It wasn't charity work so much as it was looking good for the cameras.

What do you think about this rejection? Is it warranted?

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