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Jimmy Kimmel Shaken Up After Wrong Turn Leads To A Head-On Collision

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The late night talk show host is usually a pro at making segues on his show, however things took a turn for the worse when the TV personality made an error in judgement that nearly cost someone their life.

Jimmy Kimmel was set to host the Academy Awards this March, but now this could be in jeopardy as he finds himself seemingly at fault for a head-on collision on the famous Los Angeles highway.

Police officials and firefighters were on the scene to examine the damage and determine how the accident could have occurred.

Kimmel was driving in his BMW when witnesses say he attempted to make a left hand turn onto the Sunset Strip, however the exit was "right turn only" in this case.

While the host is usually very active on his Twitter account, he has made no mention of the accident that left his car in a mangled heap.

TMZ released footage of a frantic Kimmel making calls with the victim of the crash as police arrive on the scene.

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