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The Toughest Thing About This NFLer Is His Mom

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Connie Watt, the mother of Houston Texans/NFL superstar defensive lineman JJ Watt (as well as Derek, fullback for the San Diego Chargers, and T.J, rookie linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers) is a force to be reckoned with. If raising three sons isn't tough enough, she raised three football playing sons in football crazed Wisconsin, where football is the religion of the people.

The Watt brothers, Derek, JJ and

Now that her sons are grown, gone, and off playing professional football in the NFL, Connie Watt has turned her attention to her eldest son's philanthropic efforts through the JJ Watt Foundation, where she is the Vice-President. She handles the foundations day-to-day operations, including JJ's annual charity softball game, which until this year had been the foundation's largest fundraiser. Well that is, until this year.

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