Country Star Jo Dee Messina: I'm "Leaning On God" During Cancer Treatment

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Country Star Jo Dee Messina: I'm "Leaning On God" During Cancer Treatment

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Ever since she burst into the world of country music in the late '90s, Jo Dee Messina has been performing, recording, and touring non-stop.

Her classic songs, like "Bye, Bye" and "Stand Beside Me" are still playing on the radio, while her 2014 album Me was a crowdfunded hit.

But for more than a year, Messina has been dealing with a health crisis mostly out of the spotlight.

And in a new interview, the singer says her faith has kept her strong throughout her cancer battle.

"On her lowest of low days, she has been able to see God's hand at work..."

Last year, Messina broke the sad news of her cancer diagnosis to fans, as she cancelled several tour dates for treatment.

A message posted on the singer's website last September read, "It has been a trying summer, but [Messina's] heart has been filled with gratitude for the many opportunities she has had to see God's hand at work."

While Messina has not revealed what type of cancer she is battling, the announcement and cancelled tour dates suggested it was serious.

"We don't know anything specific regarding the treatment plan at this point," Messina's team wrote, "but Jo Dee is working closely with a team to explore all options."

From the very first moment she revealed her diagnosis to fans, Messina has spoken openly about drawing strength from her faith.

"As many of you know, Jo Dee is a believer who feels blessed to be surrounded by the love of God - a love that has brought her the inner peace," her message to fans read.

"On her lowest of low days, she has been able to see God's hand at work and feel His love as she continues her walk."

"I'm leaning on God, I'm letting him take charge."

You have to give Messina credit, she has not put her career on hold during her treatment.

In fact her song "Here" was written during and inspired by the early days of her cancer diagnosis.

As she continues to tour the country performing for her fans, Messina says she has let God "take charge" of her cancer battle in a new interview.

And she's not afraid to talk about her faith on stage, either.

"After being diagnosed, I was playing at a winery in Missouri and I basically said "˜FYI, this is what's going on.' It doesn't change the fact that God is good," she told People.

"I'm leaning on God," she told the magazine, "I'm letting Him take charge. It's what's best for my soul right now. Every biopsy and every feels like an eternity goes by. I know that God has me. I'm filled with gratitude and joy."

While Messina remains optimistic about her condition, the singer admits that living with her disease has been difficult.

"I've been in the studio in pain," she remembered. "On certain days, it was hard to breathe and I was barely able to stand up at the microphone."

But with her fans, her young children, and her faith on her side, Messina is still fighting.

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We're hoping and praying that Messina gets well soon!

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