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John Travolta's Drastic New Look Will Make You Do A Double Take

Richard Goldschmidt/Wikimedia Commons

So many people make resolutions to change some aspect of their lives or appearances in the new year, but only a few actually stick to these goals.

For John Travolta, 2019 is the year he decided to ditch the hairpieces for a more natural look.

For decades, it has been rumored that the Grease star suffers hair loss, and that he relies heavily on toupees and wigs to cover his baldness. Tabloids often publish photographs of the actor's hair appearing a little unnatural, but Travolta has never bothered to comment on the speculation.

Now, the 64-year-old is channeling his inner Bruce Willis and finally embracing his baldness.

Travolta took to Instagram and shared a photo of himself alongside his 18-year-old daughter Elle Bleu ringing in the new year, revealing his fresh new hairless 'do.

"I hope everyone had a great New Year!" Travolta wrote in the caption.

It's unclear whether or not Travolta shaved his head for an upcoming role, but nonetheless, his fans are loving it.

"Bald is really, really beautiful!" wrote one user, while another chimed in, "Promise to never cover up again, unless it is for a role."

"Waited more than 40 years to see your natural look!" one fan wrote. "You look great! I would keep it this way, seriously."

Another commented, "You look younger with no hair!" and one user added, "About time your knocked those naughty wigs on the head."

John Travolta in From Paris With Love
John Travolta shaved his head in 2010 for his role in the action film "From Paris With Love"Hawgblog/From Paris With Love

If the actor's new look is for a movie, it wouldn't be the first time that he underwent a drastic transformation for a role. In fact, he shaved his head in 2010 to portray secret agent Charlie Wax in the film From Paris With Love.

What do you think of Travolta new look?

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