Jon Gosselin Stuns Fans: Claims Collin Doesn't Have Special Needs

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Jon Gosselin Stuns Fans: Claims Collin Doesn't Have Special Needs

Jon Gosselin - Instagram

The ugly and often public custody battle between Jon and Kate Gosselin just took its strangest turn yet, and it's making us rethink the well-known drama surrounding their son, Collin.

Of course, the Gosselins came to fame while starring in their TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which followed their hectic lives caring for a pair of twins and a set of sextuplets.

After their breakup in 2009, Kate gained custody of all eight children, and Jon frequently complained in the press that his ex was keeping him from seeing his kids. Then, this year, everything changed.

Jon Gosselin
Jon now has custody of sextuplets Hannah and Collin (seen here with his girlfriend's two college-aged children).Jon Gosselin - Instagram

After gaining custody of his daughter Hannah, 14, earlier this year, Jon was awarded custody of another sextuplet, Collin, this month.

The fight for custody of Collin has been more heated than the battle over the other five Gosselin children, as Jon once claimed he didn't even know where Kate was keeping Collin.

At one point, fans dubbed Collin the "missing Gosselin" because of how he seemingly disappeared from the family's reality show, Kate Plus 8, and social media photos. Kate explained his disappearance away by revealing that Collin had special needs, and that he was living at a treatment facility.

Now, Jon claims Kate has not been telling the truth about Collin.

Jon Gosselin
Jon insists Collin does not have special needs.Jon Gosselin - Instagram

Over the holidays, Jon replied to an Instagram comment asking about Collin's "special needs." Jon's answer only raised more questions for curious fans: "he is not on any spectrum or special needs."

Previously, Kate explained on a TLC special that Collin "has some educational and social challenges." She also wrote in her memoir I Just Want You To Know that Collin had "challenged [her] authority greatly" since he was a toddler.

Jon Gosselin Collin
Jon and Hannah visited Collin in May, when he was still in treatment.Jon Gosselin - Instagram

Right now, we only know what the Gosselins tell us, but it's obvious that their stories about Collin don't match up. Only time will tell what this all means, and whether it has an impact on future custody hearings about the other six Gosselin kids.

Collin was released from the facility where he was staying this month, and is staying with his father, who has temporary custody after Kate no-showed at a custody hearing last month.

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What do you make of this comment from Jon? Which of the Gosselins are you inclined to believe?

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