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Details Of Heated Custody Battle Between Jon And Kate Emerge

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If you live in America and own a TV, you already know who Jon and Kate Gosselin are.

The couple and their eight children starred in the hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which followed their day-to-day lives.

But life in the spotlight proved to be too much for the Gosselins, who divorced in 2009.

Ever since, the pair have been feuding and fighting for custody of their eight children. Now, details of their legal battle have emerged for the first time.

Fighting Over Hannah

Kate Gosselin
Kate and her children, from 'Kate Plus 8.'TLC

While Kate was granted custody of all eight children, the fiercest fights between the couple have erupted over just one of the sextuplets, Hannah.

Jon originally filed for full custody of Hannah back in 2015. At the time, a source told E! that Hannah "has expressed she is unhappy and uncomfortable in the house with Kate."

Both Kate's ex-husband and her own fans have criticized the reality star for being overly strict. She's reportedly banned cell phones in her home and is known for being demanding about chores.

Arguments between Jon and Kate over his visits with Hannah even erupted into full-blown legal disputes.

After Jon picked Hannah up from her orthodontist's office, Kate told police he had "kidnapped" their daughter.

The police report of the incident includes shocking allegations made by Kate against her ex-husband.

She called Jon "a drug dealer, who uses his disc jockey employment as a front to sell narcotics," and claimed she "detects suspicious behavior between Jonathan and their 10-year-old daughter [Hannah]."

Jon told his own side of the story in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, insisting Hannah simply wanted to stay with him:

She just didn't want to go home. She wasn't getting out of the car, she just had a fear, and I wasn't going to discuss it at the end [of the] driveway. So, Leah went down, Aiden went down and Joel went down [to the gate of Kate's house], and then I just texted Kate.

I'm like, 'I'm taking Hannah back,' and of course she flipped out. So, I was like, 'You know where I live, here's my address again in case you forgot it. You know you can call me.'

I kept Hannah and she just explained she was really stressed out and all this stuff, so I kept her [at my house] and Kate called the cops and filed a police report against me.

"She permanently lives with me"

In recent months, fans have noticed Jon is spending more and more time with Hannah, and sharing happy photos of her on social media.

Previously, Kate normally limited Jon to group visits with four of his children at a time.

But since May, Hannah has been spending much more one-on-one time with her dad.

The pair even visited Collin, the sextuplet who was sent to a boarding school for his special needs by Kate, for his and Hannah's birthday.

Both Collin and Hannah were absent from Kate's back-to-school photo, but Jon posted his own with a message that made fans speculate even more.

Jon and Kate
Both Gosselins shared back-to-school photos.Kate Gosselin / Jon Gosselin - Instagram

"Congrats Hannah on your first day of school, proud of you," he wrote. "Love you very much and we have worked really hard to get here. Dedication has really paid off. I'm so happy you integrated yourself into the community, you made friends all summer and now you will grow and graduate with them."

Fans were convinced that Hannah was now living with Jon full-time, and he seemed to confirm rumors by saying "she permanently lives with me" in an Instagram video.

Despite what Jon said, a source close to the situation told People that Kate has "full coustody of all eight of her kids" last week.

But court documents detailing the couple's latest custody battle seem to disagree with that story.

Custody Battle In Court

Documents obtained by Radar Online show Jon and Kate have been fighting in court since just before Hannah seemed to move in with her father.

A judge made a ruling on a custody order involving them both in April. While the details are sealed, Kate has spent months fighting the decision, and even took it to a superior court.

Another judge ruled that her appeal was too late to contest the original ruling.

Kate has more legal options available, but for now whatever ruling the original judge made still stands.

Many suspect that Jon has finally won custody of Hannah, since the timelines match almost perfectly.

The reality star has thanked his fans for "love and support" through what he calls the "situation."

But he may not be smiling for long - in March Kate reportedly filed a lawsuit against him demanding $132,000. That case is also sealed, and the reason for the financial demand is not specified.

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Should the child's opinion carry weight in such a heated custody battle? What do you think?

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