Everyone's Going Crazy Over Jonah Hill's New Look

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Everyone's Going Crazy Over Jonah Hill's New Look


Personally, I don't see the big deal when celebrities lose or gain a few pounds. If you're human, your weight goes up and down more times than you can count. That's a fact.

The worst is when celebrities are body shamed for their looks. For example, when Selena Gomez was photographed for the first time revealing her surgical scars while on vacation, her slight weight gain was attracting all the attention.

Some of the comments were just downright awful. Instead of celebrating her battling the disease that has wreaked havoc in her life for a couple years now, people were attacking her weight.

To be honest, all I noticed in those pictures was a beautiful, healthy young girl.

Everyone's weight fluctuates, and who are we to judge someone's appearance? But sometimes, you need to give credit where credit is due.

Jonah Hill has been working really hard on his body - that's no secret. Unfortunately, the Wolf of Wall Street actor has been the subject of a lot of social media attacks because of his body weight.

He made a life-changing decision to slim down when he was filming Moneybag in 2011 by changing his eating habits. However, by 2015 Jonah regained his former weight.

What many people don't know is that he put the weight back on for the movie War Dogs.

For the last couple years, Jonah has been seeing a personal trainer and changing his eating habits to go back to that slim figure we saw a few years.

We haven't seen him in a while, and new pictures of him are surfacing, and he doesn't look anything like what he used to look like...

It's not bad that Jonah looks different, we're just shocked that he doesn't look like the guy we've known for the past decade.

Jonah recently opened an Instagram account and his pictures are just stunning! He looks so good!

It looks like he's been working out to strengthen his muscles. In my opinion, he looks fit, which is perfectly healthy!

Fans were quick to comment on his Twitter post, where he shared his new Instagram page.

"Haven't seen your picture in years," wrote one user. "Wow you lost a lot of weight. My respect and admiration."

"Let me in on your weight loss secret," another commented.

"Lookin' good, Jonah! I need to find that kind of motivation!" an Instagram user commented on his first post.

"Jonah always looked good. He went from a beautiful fluffy man to a beautiful toned man," wrote another. "Whatever makes you happy."

Those days of being casted as the "hilarious chubby kid" is a thing of the past for the 34-year-old actor.  

However, not everyone is crazy about Jonah's new appearance.

"Why so thin? Man you need to gain some weight, you're not yourself now," wrote an Instagram user.

One person made a poll asking who people prefer, "Fat Jonah Hill" or "Skinny Jonah Hill," and the former option won.

I don't understand why we all can't celebrate with Jonah. If he feels happy and good about his new appearance, then we should to.

What do you think about Jonah's new look?

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