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Judi Dench Has Moved On From Acting And Become A Tree Whisperer

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Buzzfeed / BT TV

You may traditionally know Judi Dench from her award-winning roles in The Sound Of Music, Mrs Brown, or the James Bond series, or any other of the assortment of films she has taken part in over the years.

However, Dench has reached a point in her life where acting no longer provides the same thrill, and she wanted to highlight her new-found interest in a documentary. It's called Judi Dench: My Passion For Trees. No, really.

She explains that she has always felt a love for these towering guardians of the woods, and now has dedicated much of her life to looking after and preserving them.

Despite critical fame, Dench has felt a connection to trees and nature, growing up in a small village in northern England. "Ever since I've been a little girl, I've adored trees," she admits. And her documentary makes this very clear!

She details everything she has learned about trees throughout her life, and how they have helped her grow as a person, especially when dealing with loss.

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