Justin Bieber Finally Cut All His Hair Off And He Looks Drastically Different

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Justin Bieber Finally Cut All His Hair Off And He Looks Drastically Different

Justin Bieber/Instagram

From the moment Justin Bieber broke into the music scene with his hit debut single "Baby," we weren't just introduced to a Canadian lad who was about to dominate the music charts for the next couple of years, we also got to meet his signature bowl cut.

Preteen boys (and some girls) were quick to copy the Biebs' infamous 2010 hairstyle, but the pop star had different plans.

Bieber started to change up his 'do often and each hairstyle from then on would reflect the transition he was making from an innocent child star to a rebellious adolescent.

Bieber shows off his dreadlocks at the 2016 iHeart Radio Music AwardsJustin Bieber/Instagram
Justin Bieber rocks a shorter and darker hairstyle in 2017Justin Bieber/Instagram

For most of this year, the "Believe" singer let his hair grow out, and even vowed that he was going to grow it "down to my toes."

However, it looks like getting married has already made him a changed man, and for this new phase of his life, he has opted for a drastic new hairstyle.

Just a couple of months after his then-fiancée, model Hailey Baldwin, convinced him to shave off his facial hair (she wasn't a fan) at a New York Salon, Bieber was back in the salon chair to get a buzz cut.

The 24-year-old debuted his brand new look at Disney World in Orlando before sharing a selfie on social media to officially reveal his new look.

We still have no idea what inspired Bieber's change of heart, but many of his fans seeme to be very happy about it.

We may never know why Bieber finally chopped all his hair off, but it's possible that he did it for Baldwin or maybe he just got tired dealing with the long and unruly locks, or as some fans have speculated, he could be preparing for a new album release in the coming months.

What do you think of Bieber's new hairstyle?

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