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All The Kardashian/Jenner Kids Have A Secret Meaning Behind Their Names

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Although it may seem like the Kardashian-Jenners are an open book, displaying every aspect of their lives on social media and on their reality show, there are a lot of things that we don't know about them.

We tend to be quick to judge the name of the next Kardashian/Jenner child, but there are actually secret meanings behind each one of their names. Believe me, there's more to this than meets the eye.

Stormi Webster

Stormi's father's name is Travis Jacques Webster, but the couple decided to simply name their one-month-old daughter Stormi Webster. The baby girl's first name sparked a lot of interest on social media, leading people to wonder how the couple decided on that peculiar name.

Hardcore Travis Scott fans came up with an interesting theory that may be the answer we've been all waiting for. The rapper's obsession with butterflies and his hit song, "Butterfly Effect," may have played a big role in the naming of his daughter. The scientific meaning behind the butterfly effect is that the wings of a butterfly can cause a storm half way around the world.

Chicago West

Chicago may sound like a strange name to give a child, but it has a lot of meaning for the little girl's father. It's no secret that Kanye loves Chicago, but he loves the city because he grew up there.

Lyrics like "We some true Chi-Town legends" and "All my n**** from the Chi, that's my family, dog" just go to show the strong bond he has with the city, despite being born in Atlanta.

I definitely wouldn't name my child after my city, but Chicago actually has a nice ring to it.

The hidden behind these next Kardashian names are even more interesting...

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