Kardashians Open Health Center In Honor Of Their Dad

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Kardashians Open Health Center In Honor Of Their Dad


You cannot go anywhere these days without hearing about the empire that is the Kardashian name; whether it be fashion, make up, tv, or even Instagram everything these people do is news worthy.

There is Kendall taking over the runway with her modeling career, Kylie conquering the make- up market with her lip kits, Khloe representing positive body image with her company Good American, and Kourtney sharing lifestyle tips on her new website Poosh.

The Kardashian name is everywhere and they are building a reputation that will last more than just a lifetime.

But if you thought these icons were just limiting themselves to tv, fashion and beauty you thought wrong. With Kim's recently announcing that she is planning on becoming a layer, and, that she will be taking the bar exam. It was only natural that the Kardashians would then spread their empire to the health research community.

Yes, on April 16th, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney announced that they were on their way to celebrate the opening of Robert G. Kardashian Center for Esophageal Health at UCLA. Of course momma Kris and sister Kendall were there to show support along with Robert Kardashian's side of the family.

Kim took to twitter to announce the big news by saying that she was "so proud to announce the Robert G Kardashian center for esophageal health being launched at UCLA. My wish is that other families can have more information and we can also focus on health and prevention.."

Khloe wrote on her Instagram story that,  "The UCLA Robert G. Kardashian Center for Esophageal Health will provide resources for groundbreaking research, patient care, and education/training, in addition to support of efforts in esophageal health," she continued by saying. "The naming of the center and its dedicated specialty services will assist in advancing UCLA's position at the forefront of the world for the study and treatment of esophageal and other GI disorders"”improving the quality of life for countless patients and their families."

This issue is not something new to the family their late father passed away from esophageal cancer in 2003 at the age of 59.

I am really glad they could turn something so tragic into something that can potentially help a lot of people.

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