Kate Gosselin Mom-Shamed Over Instagram Update About Her Kids

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Kate Gosselin Mom-Shamed Over Instagram Update About Her Kids

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When Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband, Jon, first introduced their family to the world in 2007, everyone was rooting for them.

Millions of viewers tuned in to TLC every week to see what life is like as a married couple trying to raise a set of twins and a set of sextuplets in suburban Pennsylvania.

However, as we all know, Kate and Jon's relationship slowly started to fall apart, eventually ending in divorce.

Their breakup was messy, and even though both sides did some questionable things, it seems like fans sided with Jon for the most part.

"People have a lot of contempt and hate for me and at the end of the day, I need to come home safely to my kids," Kate said in an interview a few years ago.

While the intensity of the backlash has been dialed down a bit, Kate still has to deal with a lot of criticism, especially on the internet.

This week, the mom of eight made her long-awaited return to social media to share a post with her followers nearly two months after losing custody of her son, Collin, to Jon.

Kate posted two photos on Instagram, one of a poster board and another of a paper cutter. In the caption she explained that she and her kids have been "buried in Science Fair projects."

"This time of year is truly a joy for all of us," Kate wrote sarcastically.

Even though Kate's post was meant to be a friendly update of what is going on in her family, some people took the opportunity to criticize her parenting, calling her out for not letting her children do their own projects.

"Why are you doing the work for them????" one follower questioned.

"Wouldn't be so bad if you let them do their own projects. They're very capable. Not perfect is okay," one user wrote while another echoed a similar opinion saying, "[t]hey are almost 15 years old...I doubt they need your help as much as you like to think they do. It's their project, not yours."

A few folks accused Kate of "always complaining," especially when she has "two less kids now to take care of with Jon having Collin and Hannah."

Some people attacked Kate for supposedly turning the kids against their father and also for "abandoning" Collin.

"I personally feel you did not do a good job bringing these kids up!" read one comment. "You turned them against dad and one day they will hate you for it. Shame on you."

"Oh please, you are a shame as a mother and you became one the moment you abandoned Collin," another chimed in.

Even though the harsh comments were rampant, there were still several supportive messages from her fans as well as parents who understand the challenges of school projects.

"I seriously dreaded the science fair every years with my girls. Can't wait until my boys are in school 🙄😩," wrote one parent.

"Sending you lots of love Kate and kiddos & fur babies! I miss having you all on every now and then. I know people can be cruel. I hope you see the good comments and can block out the negative! You are an amazing mom and doing your best every day like many of us do! Best of luck with the projects!!!" one fan quipped.

Kate, who is used to the scrutiny by now, has not responded to the backlash. She's too busy making sure that her kids have the best displays at the science fair to pay attention to the trolls.

Do you think people are being too harsh with Kate?

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