Kate Reveals Princess Charlotte's Favorite Food, And It's One That Your Own Kids Loved As Well

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Kate Reveals Princess Charlotte's Favorite Food, And It's One That Your Own Kids Loved As Well

It must be hard to grow up in the spotlight, but the Duchess of Cambridge does an amazing job at helping her children handle the pressures. She does her best to keep their lives relatively private, but every once and a while we get little sneak peaks into the lives of the cute little royals.  

Kate recently gave a little bit of insight into their home life while visiting the Great Ormond Street Hospital. She was there to officially open the Mittal Children's Medical Center, which houses a new play room for the children to enjoy while they go through medical procedures.

The pregnant duchess wore a long red coat that mostly concealed her growing baby bump, and she addressed the crowd before meeting the children. "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for having me here today. It's been my first trip to Great Ormond Street Hospital and I've been so impressed with everything I've seen and the scale of the work that's going on here. It's been wonderful to meet so many families and young people, and I've been so inspired by their bravery and courage at such a difficult time."

Kate then moved on to share some details about her kids that weren't previously known...

After her statement, she started to speak directly to the kids.  She was talking with four-year-old patient, Rafael Chana, who is waiting for a heart transplant, when they turned to the topic of foods. That's when she revealed some little known facts about the young princess.

Chana was telling Kate all about his favorite foods. When he said he loved olives, Kate quickly replied that  "I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little as well." He continued on to reveal how much he loves pasta and Kate admitted that "Charlotte likes pasta too."

While the type of pasta Charlotte eats probably isn't the same boxed macaroni and cheese we all grew up eating, but it's nice to know that the royals have similar tastes to us!