Keith Richards Reveals He's Finally Sober

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Keith Richards Reveals A Staggering Life Change We Never Thought We'd See

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A classic joke about the environment asks people to think about the world "that we're leaving behind for our grandchildren and Keith Richards."

The cheeky joke only gets funnier each year, as the Rolling Stones guitarist, now 74, seems indestructible despite his notorious hard-partying lifestyle.

But after decades of playing fast and loose with his health, Richards has revealed in a new Rolling Stone interview that he's given up one of his bad habits.

Keith Richards
These days, Richards only enjoys a glass of wine or an "occasional" beer.Kronos - Wikimedia

The guitarist reveals it's been "about a year" since he drank more than "a glass of wine" or an occasional beer.

"I pulled the plug on it," he told the magazine. "I got fed up with it."

"I wasn't feeling [right]," he went on to explain. "I've done it. I didn't want that anymore."

The guitarist, who famously gave up on drugs after a 1977 arrest in Canada, says he knew when it was "time to quit" booze "just like all the other stuff."

So what inspired the change? With five grown up children to look after, maybe the hard-rocking grandfather is finally taking his family life more seriously.

Or, it could be that time has caught up with the ageless rocker after 75 carefree years.

But don't think of Richards as a born-again health nut: he's still smoking and indulges in coffee, even if he's passed up hard liquor.

Despite breaking a decades-long habit, he says he's adjusting well to sobriety, and didn't "notice any difference really - except for I don't drink."

He added that it was "interesting to play sober" at concert dates on the band's recent No Filter tour.

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We hope Keith has another 75 years or so left in him!

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