Alleged Stalker Arrested At Kendall Jenner's Home Twice In One Week

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Alleged Stalker Arrested At Kendall Jenner's Home Twice In One Week

Kendall Jenner - Instagram / Scott Davidson - Flickr

While the lives of reality stars like Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner seem glamorous on TV, in real life things are more complicated.

And a pair of disturbing incidents from this week involving an alleged stalker highlight that fact.

After an obsessed fan snuck onto her property, Jenner is blaming gossip websites for invading her privacy and putting her life at risk.

Alleged Stalker Arrested Twice In One Week

Kendall Jenner
Jenner has allegedly be targeted four times in two months by the same obsessed fan.Kendall Jenner - Instagram

This week's headline-grabbing stalking case involves a Canadian man named John Ford, 37, who has allegedly been targeting Jenner, 22, for months.

E! News reported that Ford had trespassed on Jenner's property in a gated West Hollywood community last week, and was spotted by the star's security in her backyard before escaping.

Reports say that Ford snuck into Jenner's backyard by climbing an unsecured mountain adjoining the community.

When he returned by the same route on Tuesday, and was spotted on Jenner's porch, police were finally able to apprehend him.

Kendall Jenner
Jenner's alleged stalker was released and arrested again in less than 24 hours.Kendall Jenner - Instagram

Ford, who was previously arrested for trespassing on Jenner's property in September, was again charged both with trespassing and with violating Jenner's restraining order against him.

But after paying his $20,000 bail, and waiting for a temporary psychiatric hold to expire, Ford was released.

On Thursday, less than 24 hours after being set free, Ford was arrested again for trespassing and violating the restraining order.

Under California law, Ford could have been held in custody for up to 72 hours because of the psychiatric hold, but a psychiatrist at L.A. County Hospital determined he was mentally stable.

"And how do you guys think these terrifying people know where my house is?"

Kendall Jenner
Jenner blamed gossip websites for publicizing her address, and sharing photos of her home.Kendall Jenner - Instagram

Thankfully, Jenner is safe and sound after the break-ins, but she accused celebrity news website TMZ for putting her life at risk in a pair of heated tweets.

"And how do you guys think these terrifying people know where my house is?" she wrote, linking to a TMZ article about the trespassing arrests.

"[Because] you release not only photos but my location. [It] is so beyond unsafe. [Is] this not our one ounce of privacy we can get?"

"I understand what [I've] signed up for," she added, "but when you release the exact location to where [I] live THAT is when you're putting my life in danger. [Your] home is your safe haven, but for me, [because] of outlets like you, my home is anything BUT. [You] should be ashamed of yourself."

Jenner's sister, Kylie, was quick to support her view, writing "FACT" on a screenshot of her sister's tweet.

"There should be boundaries to posting our homes," she added.

Jenner's sister Kourtney also shared the tweets with her Instagram followers.

"I was terrified. I was literally traumatized."

This is not the first time Jenner has been targeted by stalkers.

The reality star once complained to her family on Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she experienced stalking "once a week. Maybe more, twice a week."

"Someone shows up at my house every single day."

In 2016, a homeless man followed Jenner's car through her front gate, and confronted her while Jenner locked herself in her car, waiting for police to arrive.

"I've never been so scared in my life," Jenner testified about the encounter during the man's trial. "I was terrified. I was literally traumatized."

Jenner has also obtained a restraining order against another fan who sent her dozens of love letters.

TMZ reports that Jenner's lawyer, Shawn Holley, plans to get a civil protective order to keep Ford away from his client.

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This is pretty scary. Let's hope Jenner stays safe.

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