Artist's Lifelike Pencil Drawings Even Impressed His Celebrity Subject


Artist's Lifelike Pencil Drawings Even Impressed His Celebrity Subject

Eli Waduba Yusuf - Instagram

We've shared some examples of "hyperealism" art before, but it never stops being impressive.

These drawings use simple materials like charcoal and pencils to create pictures so lifelike they could be photographs.

And one very talented artist, Nigeria's Eli Waduba Yusuf, 26, has made a new celebrity fan after his amazing pencil sketches went viral.

Yusuf has always drawn, but says he started to hone his craft seriously about nine years ago. The piece that finally earned him some attention was his stunning sketch of comedian Kevin Hart.

"I have watched a lot of his movies, he's my favorite comedian and I wanted to give him something as a gift as a way of saying thank you," Yusuf told ABC News about the picture.

Eli Waduba Yusuf.
Yusuf has sketched celebrities, but also friends and relatives including his mother.Eli Waduba - Twitter

Last week, Hart shared the drawing with his more than 35 million Twitter followers, asking for help tracking down Yusuf's contact information. Soon, he had ordered the picture for himself, and earned the young artist plenty of new fans.

"I cannot believe it is true. I'm still in shock," Yusuf said. "We spoke for a little bit on Twitter. Never did I think I would ever speak to him."

And Hart didn't just want the sketch of himself - he also ordered a drawing of another famous friend for a surprise gift.

Eli Waduba Yusuf
This comparison shows how accurate Yusuf's detailed sketches are.Eli Waduba - Instagram

It could be Yusuf's big break. The cooperative economics graduate from Kaduna State Polytechnic is still pursuing his art as a hobby.

But now that he has over 22,000 Twitter followers - one of the perks of his brush with Hart - his work can reach a much bigger audience.

You can see more of Yusuf's work on Twitter and Instagram.

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